About Starising.biz

This domain was registered on 28 March 2015. The first page was uploaded an hour later. Five hours later, it was listed by Google.

The following day, 29 March 2015, I didn't do anything on the web.
It was like, when I was serving in the army as a signaller, we called it radio silence, but this time for a very different reason. It was a state funeral.

Besides the domain, nothing else was indexed. There were no other pages besides the home page - a page filled with Lorem Ipsum.

But that's OK. I'll not be applying any SEO here. I'll try for other sources of free traffic.

What I am trying to attempt here is to start a new site to make money online.

You'll have something to learn here if you are totally new to making money online with your website. Follow my progress report.

How it all started

I spent about 2 weeks surfing at various traffic exchange sites before registering starising.biz.

I am not new to traffic exchange. I was active 9 years ago, left for some web building projects, and came back again in 2011 to launch a campaign. It lasted for about 3 weeks. I didn't surf much the second time. I bought credits and when the campaign was done, I left again.

This time was different. I was working on a web teaching visitors how to build a website. When I was writing on the topic on free traffic, traffic exchange was one of the sources I recommended. I surf for about 2 week to get a feel of it. But this time I got addicted to it.

So since I enjoy surfing this time, I decided to build a business around it.

There are no navigation menus here. Everything is linked from the pages on this site.

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